Take control of the coolest person in the snow globe, the snowman. Life is great for this little snowman until someone shakes the snow globe and all of his pieces fall off. Now it's up to you to track down all of the pieces of the snowman, and put him back together.

  • Explore the tiny world of a snow globe.
  • Collect zany objects to rebuild a snowman
  • Clear Objectives
  • Replay again to build a new snowman with different pieces.
  • For All Ages
  • Made in a little over 12 hours.
  • No pesky audio to mute.
  • Uses Standard FPS controls - Mouse Look, WASD movement
  • Open Source - if you find a bug please post an issue on github

I hope you enjoy it, if you do please consider buying me a beer with a donation.

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This game was created during Ludum Dare 38. ldjam.com

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